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Learn about positive outcomes for families and communities.

Impact for children

• Improved communication and listening
• Reduced negative behavior, emotional problems, and peer problems

“The class has provided me with tools to be
an even better mom and I am learning how
to connect with my children in a more positive
way. It has helped me teach my kids how to
succeed and be proud of who they are. It has helped me learn how to regulate my emotions, which in turn helps my children learn how to regulate their own emotions.”

Illustration of two parents sitting on a couch and reading to their child.Illustration of a young child holding out a flower to their mother.

Impact for parents

Feel more able to positively influence your child’s behavior
Reduced depression, PTSD symptoms, and suicidal thoughts

“It truly has given us some invaluable tools. We were lacking in some areas of our lives that we were completely unaware of. I can’t wait to continue to implement these skills throughout our lives and see how we continue to grow and change as a family.”

Impact for families

• Family chaos and stress are reduced
• Family and individual well-being is improved

“Our family is still the same family. What has changed is our attitude. Our mentality. Our focus. We stop more often just to look at things in a better light. We take a second and third look at things to make sure we do things rationally and with love, patience, and understanding.” 

Illustration of a family smiling at each other, with one child on their father's shoulders.

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Community impact

ADAPT partners with community organizations to reach parents and families who face high levels of stress and trauma. 

In North Carolina

Thanks to funding from the Bristol Myers Squibb Foundation, a partnership was established with the Womack Army Medical Center at Fort Bragg, NC. The goal is to provide primary care and other medical professionals tools for identifying and screening parents who might need or want parenting support, and refer them to program options that offer the best fit.

In Michigan

Following ADAPT training funded by Integrated Services of Kalamazoo, providers at have incorporated ADAPT into their suite of supportive services for Veterans, National Guardsmen and their families in the Battle Creek and surrounding areas. 

In Utah

In partnership with The Family Place, ADAPT programming is now being offered by trained clinicians to serve local communities impacted by trauma.  

In Minnesota 

In partnership with the University of Minnesota’s School of Nursing, clinicians newly trained in ADAPT will support the Karen refugee community in the Twin Cities through on-going home-based services. 

A parenting videos series to support immigrant and refugee families will be hosted, free of charge, as a part of a new ADAPT initiative called Parenting in the Moment. This initiative was made possible by funding from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA).

ADAPT in the media

“It definitely has made a happier home … I’ve learned more than I thought I would.”

Learn how ADAPT can support you

Illustration of a child and their parent both holding cardboard boxes.

For families

The online ADAPT program is designed for parents to learn and practice skills at their own pace. 

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For organizations

We can partner with you to offer ADAPT to your employees and clients to meet your needs.