Try ADAPT as a Team

How it works

Parenting is stressful for all parents. As a provider, team, or organization, you are likely already providing support to parents experiencing normal but challenging times. Our work provides tools to parents who experience high stress and/or trauma levels due to unique circumstances such as war and military deployment, high-risk work environments, and migration. Additional support during these critical periods help set parents up for success to be their children’s best teachers. 

ADAPT promotes the use of evidence-based tools to increase overall resilience in families. The program can be especially critical during times of transition. Among many other skills, parents are taught how to build a united parenting front and how to identify and respond to difficult emotions, which are common challenges faced by highly stressed families. 

ADAPT can be delivered as a universal program to all families, a selective program to at-risk families (such as those facing particular stressors, such as deployment or PTSD symptoms), or as an indicated program (for example, for treatment of children’s behavioral or emotional challenges).

Customized for your needs

ADAPT program delivery is customized to meet the needs of each organization. Program components include provider training to self-deliver to your population, tele-coaching for trainees, group-based delivery options, one-on-one delivery, a parallel online course, and other support initiatives. 

Working closely with your organization, we create and execute a solution to deliver ADAPT to your employees or the people you serve.

Explore a partnership

ADAPT works with organizations that employ individuals the program may benefit and that want to provide an evidence-based program (i.e. hospitals, military installations), or organizations already providing services that would like to add the ADAPT program (i.e. community-based agencies and organizations). 

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Train to offer ADAPT

Service providers can be trained in teams to deliver the ADAPT program in a workshop, group, or individual format. Training content and structure varies between the different versions of ADAPT programming. In general, the training schedule varies from 2 days for those trained in one format and learning another to 8 days for those new to ADAPT.

ADAPT Coaching

Ongoing coaching is required and provided by ADAPT certified staff. It includes a weekly or bi-weekly 1-hour video conference call between the ADAPT coach and trainee throughout program delivery. In the calls, trainees ask questions, share thoughts with the trainer (ADAPT coach), watch session video, and receive feedback, suggestions, and coaching. Scheduling, frequency, and call execution is determined by the ADAPT team and trainees. 

Videotaping of program delivery is a key component of the ADAPT trainees' coaching and program fidelity. Access to a secure portal is provided to upload and maintain videos used in coaching, certification and fidelity of implementation.

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