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Training for positive, empathic parenting

More than a course, ADAPT is an opportunity for parents to learn, practice, use, and retain positive parenting techniques and tools.

The program includes a focus on mindfulness and emotional coaching, designed especially for families who have experienced stress and/or trauma. Our goal is to strengthen stressed parents’ capacities to regulate their emotions and be more effective with their children.

Rooted in research

ADAPT began as After Deployment: Adaptive Parenting Tools, developed by researchers at the University of Minnesota to build resilience by supporting parents in military families. Our approach is based on more than 50 years of rigorous research on positive parenting techniques and has been tested in studies with more than a thousand military families.

Our studies to date have involved active duty military, Guard, and Reserve members and veterans across all branches of service. Recently our work has expanded to focus on healthcare professionals whose parenting roles have been affected by their challenging work during the COVID-19 pandemic. Each study evaluates parenting tools with the goal of addressing families’ unique stressors and creating positive outcomes.

Meet the ADAPT team

Abigail Gewirtz

Ph.D., LP – ADAPT Director and Developer

Abi’s research interests are in trauma, resilience, parenting, and promoting children’s healthy development. Her team is involved in multiple research and implementation projects throughout the United States that all aim to help parents be their children’s best teachers during times of stress and trauma. Dr. Gewirtz has published more than 100 articles, chapters, and books and is the recipient of several grant and career awards.

Read Abi’s full bio: FSOS | ICD

Photo of Dr. Abigail Gewirtz.
Amy Majerle
Research and Implementation Program Manager
Shauna Tiede
Assistant Program Manager for Research
Alexa Ravetti
Assistant Program Manager for Implementation
Molly Willer, Ph.D., L.P.
Clinical Director
Susanne Lee, Ph.D.
Data Manager
Kadie Ausherbauer, Ph.D., PLMFT
Coding Manager
Marin Phelps
Program Assistant

ADAPT Research Site Staff

Cheryle Dangell
Site Coordinator, Fort Bragg, NC
Meagan McKissick
Site Coordinator Fort Belvoir/Myer, VA
Amberlee Martin
Site Assistant, Fort Campbell, KY
Misty Clark
Site Assistant, Fort Bragg, NC
Ari Anderson-Ion
Site Assistant, Fort Belvoir/Myer, VA