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What is ADAPT?

ADAPT is an evidence-based parent coaching program for families with school-aged children. Key parenting skills taught include: encouragement, emotion coaching and emotion regulation, limit setting, monitoring, problem solving, and positive involvement.

Designed and developed by researchers and clinicians, the ADAPT program is an adaptation of the GenerationPMTO model to serve parents who have experienced stress and/or trauma in their lives and/or work.

Research results show that ADAPT significantly improves parenting, and parents’ confidence. Children show improved behavior and emotional adjustment. Parents also report reduced depression, PTSD, and suicidal tendencies, and show more effective responses to their children's big emotions.

Partner with us to offer ADAPT
We offer ADAPT through partnerships with organizations whose members experience high levels of stress and/or trauma, or operate in settings with continued risk.
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Currently serving military and veterans
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First responders
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Immigrants and refugees

We’re dedicated to helping families gain valuable skills.

Our program is designed to help parents become their children's best teachers and role models.

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What families are saying

Our family has really thrived because of ADAPT; it has increased our awareness of our parenting strengths and weaknesses. Our communication is better and we are more thoughtful of our actions and behaviors.

The ADAPT program helped me realize I didn’t have to be the perfect mother, and they gave me the tools to definitely be a more successful one.

I found that when my home life was good, that I could do anything, and that my anxieties went down. This program turned my life around 180 degrees.