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ADAPT was designed to help parents become your children’s best teachers.

ADAPT for families

All families are different, but they have one thing in common: stress. Most parents would agree that some stress is expected and even normal when raising a family. However, for some families, stress is amplified by circumstances such as deployment and other military transitions, a high-risk work environment, or migration.

ADAPT — Adaptive Parenting Tools — is a program that teaches parents skills to help you and your family navigate through these challenges, while embracing and building on your family’s values and goals. After all, we believe that you are your child’s best teacher!

How it works

We offer ADAPT in a variety of ways to create flexibility for parents and providers: one-on-one, group-based, remotely using video conferencing, and through a self-directed web-based course.

The topics address six core parenting skills:

  • Teaching through encouragement
  • Discipline
  • Problem solving
  • Monitoring
  • Positive involvement with children
  • Emotion socialization

Why try ADAPT online?

  • Flexible and self-paced
  • Identify family values and goals
  • Gain tools to strengthen relationships
  • Develop united parenting
  • Manage conflict in relationships

See a sneak peek of the program

Watch this example video from an ADAPT online module.

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